Philosophy of Physics, UMD

New Directions in the Foundations of Physics
Camera di Commercio, Viterbo, Italy
May 26–28, 2023

Sponsored by IQOQI-Vienna (Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Vienna), the John Templeton Foundation, the Descartes Centre at the University of Utrecht, and the Johns Hopkins University Philosophy Department.

Friday, May 26

Morning Session
Quantum Foundations

History of Science, University of Minnesota

9:30 - 10:50 Unscrambling the omelette of causation and inference in quantum theory ROB SPEKKENS
Research Faculty
Perimeter Institute
10:50 - 11:10 Coffee Break
11:10 - 12:30 Advances in Bell nonlocality IVAN ŠUPIĆ
12:30 - 3:30 pm Lunch

Afternoon Session
Quantum Fields and Quantum Gravity

Centre de Physique Théorique, Aix-Marseille University
3:30 - 4:50 Conceptual foundations of perturbative QFT KASIA REJZNER
York University
Lecture sponsored by
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

4:50 - 5:10 Coffee Break
5:10 - 6:30 Entanglement entropy in causal set theory YASAMAN YAZDI
Imperial College, London
7:30 pm Dinner

Saturday, May 27

Morning Session
Thermodynamics and the Arrow of Time

Mathematics, Polytechnic University, Milan
9:30 - 10:50 What happens to entropy production when conserved quantities fail to commute with each other BILLY BRAASCH
University of Maryland
10:50 - 11:10 Coffee Break
11:10 - 12:30 Representing the arrow of time BRYAN ROBERTS
12:30 - 3:30 pm Lunch

Afternoon Session
Renormalisation and Universality

Rotman Institute, University of Western Ontario
3:30 - 4:50 Formal analogies in QFT
University of Waterloo
Lecture sponsored by
Foundations of Physics
4:50 - 5:10 Coffee Break
5:10 - 6:30 Universality and undecidability GEMMA DE LES COVES
Theoretical Physics
University of Innsbruck
7:30 pm Dinner

Sunday, May 28

Morning Session
Spacetime and Cosmology

Rotman Institute, University of Western Ontario
9:30 - 10:50 An invitation to constructive axiomatics JAMES READ
Philosophy of Physics
Oxford University
10:50 - 11:10 Coffee Break
11:10 - 12:30 Physics meets philosophy in minisuperspace KARIM THÉBAULT
University of Bristol

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Discussants include: Pablo Acuña (Philosophy, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile), Emily Adlam (Rotman Institute of Philosophy, University of Western Ontario), Marina Maciel Ansanelli (Perimeter Institute), Nicola Bamonti (Philosophy of Physics, Scuola Normale Superiore), Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich), Joseph Berkovitz (HPS, University of Toronto), Guido Bacciagaluppi (HPS, University of Utrecht), Leela Canuelas (Philosophy, Brown), Michael Cuffaro (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy), Erik Curiel (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy), Sam D'Ambrosia (Philosophy of Physics, Oxford), Flavio del Santo (Applied Physics, Geneva), Neil Dewar (Philosophy, Cambridge), Rob DiSalle (Philosophy, University of Western Ontario), Johannes Fankhauser (Theoretical Physics, University of Innsbruck), Mathias Frisch (Philosophy, Leibniz Universität Hannover), Henrique Gomes (Trinity College, Cambridge), Alexei Grinbaum (CEA-Saclay, Paris), Richard Healey (Philosophy, University of Arizona), Michel Janssen (History of Science, University of Minnesota), Adrian Kent (DAMTP, Cambridge), Michael Kiessling (Mathematics, Rutgers), Ravi Kunjwal (Quantum Information and Communication, Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles), James Ladyman (Philosophy, University of Bristol), Lorenzo Maccone (Physics, University of Pavia), Niels Martens (Philosophy of Physics, University of Utrecht), James Mattingly (Philosophy, Georgetown), Tim Maudlin (Philosophy, NYU), Fred Muller (Philosophy, Erasmus University, Rotterdam), Wayne Myrvold (Philosophy, University of Western Ontario), Daniele Oriti (Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich), Patricia Palacios (Philosophy, University of Salzburg), Pascal Rodriguez-Warnier (Philosophy, University of Western Ontario), Rob Rynasiewicz (Philosophy, JHU), Simon Saunders (Philosophy of Physics, Oxford), David Schmid (International Center for Theories of Quantum Technologies, University of Gdansk) Lev Vaidman (Physics, Tel Aviv University), Giovanni Valente (Mathematics, Polytechnic University, Milan), Sanne Vergouwen (HPS, University of Utrecht), Francesca Vidotto (Rotman Institute, University of Western Ontario), Matthew Walhout (Templeton Foundation), David Wallace (HPS, University of Pittsburgh), Alex Wilce (Mathematics, Susquehanna University), Victoria Wright (ICFO-Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques, Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology), Jingyi Wu (LPS, University of California, Irvine), Yilè Yang (Perimeter Institute).

The number of participants is limited by available seating, so we regret that participation is by invitation only.

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